Solve a 2000 year old puzzle - A unique mathematical puzzle toy that
will keep you engaged
Solve a 2000 year old puzzle.
Available as physical toy and mobile app
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Our Story

We are all children and grandchildren first.

My own summer holidays were always at our grandparents’ house, in a small village near Cochin, in India. We cousins never saw our grandfather, for he had passed away at a young age, well before we were all born. When he was young, he was diagnosed with some form of mental illness and underwent treatment with various local medical experts.

The story goes that one of his acquaintances once presented him a puzzle toy that would help him improve his concentration and mental strength. He diligently used to play with the puzzle in his last years of life.

Well, the puzzle toy was lying around in the house, and my mother and all her 9 siblings would play the puzzle over and over again in their childhood. This was a time before internet and online shopping, so toys and puzzles were a rarity for children of that generation, especially in villages.

Later, as I was growing up, I took fancy to this puzzle and played it routinely in my school years. Recently, my own school-aged children discovered this puzzle last year at their grandparents’ house during their summer holidays.

Thinking about the fact that this puzzle has had a life of its own, already passing through 4 generations in our family, with just one single piece, we felt that this is a unique product in its own regard.

We thought of providing a platform for children all over the world also to enjoy it.

The technology available, and more importantly, many wonderful people who helped, supported, encouraged and worked with us to prototype and fine-tune the product, has now made this thought a reality.

RoBoGoYo is our small endeavour to facilitate the same wonderful experience of puzzle solving that many in our family have enjoyed over the generations. We sincerely hope you and your family will enjoy this puzzle and the experience as much as we did.

Play the game and get free Robogoyo

Play the Robogoyo game on your smartphone and win a free toy (conditions apply).

ROBOGOYO – A Sneak Peek

Robogoyo Resources

This will assist you to solve the puzzle…

Our Business Partners

C-Sharks: Mobile Game App Developer

Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt Ltd.
25/817, Classic Tower, Kothamangalam P.O.
Ernakulam Dist., Kerala, India-686691

Kaveri: Toy Maker

Kaveri Plastics PVT Ltd
3/136 A, Puthupanamvadayampady P.O.
Puthencruz, Puthencruz,
Ernakulam – 682308, Kerala, India

Ammal: Marketing

Ammal Marketing
106, Sree Saravana Bhawa Complex,
37, Sarojini Naidu Road,
Coimbatore – 641044,
Tamilnadu, India.

Volkssystems: Business Promoter

Kuttikkatt Building, Parappillil Jn.
Thiruvankulam P.O. Near Hill Palace,
Kochi, India – 682305


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