You have read on our website that the game was originally given to our grandfather. A little bit more of that story here.

Our grandfather lived in a small village named Koovappady. His children moved out of this village over the years, the land is now owned by a rice mill (Pavizham rice). It is being mentioned here just so if anyone else has come across this game from there, we hope they will contact us and tell us their stories.  The name we had used in our family for this puzzle was “Laada Shringala”, literally meaning a chain of horseshoes. The name of the person who gave it was mentioned as “Kunji”, a local leader, though we could not trace him or his family yet. This must have been in the 1950s.

During our project development, we also ran across two other instances of this game being used in the Cochin area.

One was at Sreenarayana Gurukulam College of Engineering at Kadayirippu, where some mechanical engineering students had made this game about 10 years back. Some professors remember the game being played with a bet that it cannot be solved quickly and those who could finish the game in a given time being awarded Rs. 100 at that time. The piece was later taken by an auto driver and then could not be traced.

The second one was at a local church in Kurinji, near Puthecruz, who still use a similar puzzle in their Sunday School even today to engage children. Photo of their puzzle is shown here.

If anyone knows of other designs or copies of such toys which were used in the past, we would be very happy to hear of the stories. We are really curious to learn how this puzzle moved around.