Apart from the thought process that went into the game, much discussion also happened on the colour choices for the puzzle rings.

There are several reasons we decided to go with a four-colour scheme and chose Red, Blue, Green and Yellow for these colours.

The game, as interesting as it is, is a fairly difficult puzzle. An increase in the number of rings makes it more difficult and time-consuming to solve.

The originally known puzzle in China is supposed to have 9 rings, we felt this is a bit extreme when we introduce it in the Indian market.

So by reducing it to 8 rings, we have made it a bit easier for beginners, but still difficult enough for beginners to give the player the thrill of doing something that is not easy.

We found this wonderful collection of brands and colours online, which intrigued us. Clearly, the choice of the four ROBOGOYO colours was influenced by this.

The specific mix of four colours used in ROBOGOYO is also used by Google (see chrome logo as an example), Microsoft (windows logo shown), and many other companies. Once we read about this, we started noticing the colours of logos of companies in more details, and now hope you will also do this.