When we were considering various names for the puzzle, we had four objectives

  1. It had to be a name that has no meaning in any language. This criterion was chosen as words with meanings in one language can have different meanings in other languages, often unrelated and sometimes even contradictory to the original word.
  2. While reviewing world’s languages, we learned that the alphabets in English – A, E, I, O, U are pronounced differently in different languages, except for O, which is most pronounced similarly in all languages that use English letters. Having O also connected well with the rings in the game.
  3. The choice of colours in the rings helped us decide the syllables R, B, G, and Y, as it represents the 4 colours used in the game, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
  4. The last and perhaps one of the most important reasons was that the website robogoyo.com was available for us to register.

Based on the above, we decided to select the name ROBOGOYO for the puzzle. It is also relatively easy to pronounce.

We look forward to you enjoying the puzzle and hope that you learned one interesting aspect of the world’s languages.