Mr.Puzzle, an Australian collection of puzzles, ranks this puzzle among the most difficult puzzles in their online catalogue.

In the book, Famous Puzzles of Great Mathematicians, this puzzle, its origin and solutions are detailed by Miodrag S Petkovic.

Stewart Culin (an American ethnographer 1858-1929) has written that the Chinese Ring puzzle was invented by the Chinese general Hung Ming in the 2nd century AD(181-234).

The puzzle is mentioned in the 7th chapter of the famous novel Dream of the Red Chamber (Hóng lóu Mèng (紅樓夢)

It is also known by various other names worldwide.


Chinese Ring puzzle

In France, they call it Baguenaudier,

In Italy, it’s known as Anelli di Cardano or Cardano’s Rings.

It was called the Nuremberg Trifle when sold in Catel’s puzzle catalogue of 1785.